how to recover documents from dead pc

Jul 30, 2013
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Hello here,

i want to recover document from HDD. how to access on HDD to get out document from it and save it to external HDD?

I can not boot up into Ubuntu livecd because between case and monitor there is not signal to each other. it has not onboard intergraded port, there is installed asus video card. i opened it and clean it from dust and also RAM but nothing. PC starts but monitor is black no signal. Monitor is new and it works fine.

how to take documents out from it? what should i do?

please help me.



Mar 8, 2009
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If the HDD is not the reason for the PC being dead, the drive can be taken out and connected to another machine. I would prefer this method until I knew whether the drive was good, before spending on future solutions.

You could purchase a USB adapter to connect the HDD. Or purchase an External Enclosure or Drive Dock to house the drive. Just make sure you get the correct enclosure/dock for IDE or SATA.

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