Hiding an icon from taskbar to show only in notification area (Messenger, Skype etc.)

Jul 13, 2010
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You might have faced a "problem" where an icon you're used to see in notification area now shows in taskbar. For me, it's annoying; I don't want to keep Messenger in taskbar, but I want to keep it among other icons in notification area like in Vista.

-> This will be hidden and to be shown only in notification area, like in Vista and XP ->

There is a really simple trick to remove the icon from taskbar and to only show it in notification area.

1. Go to the directory of the program.
2. Right click on the program's .exe file (eg. msnmsgr.exe)
3. Click Properties
4. Click Compatibility and put a tick on "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
5. Select 'Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)' from the dropdown menu
6. OK and start the program.

Hopefully this helped! :)


That Crazy Amazon Chick!
Jan 17, 2009
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For some reason this did not work for me and I had to add the "Run as Administrator' checkbox before it would behave properly.

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