Help installing win7 and vista...Urgent..

Jan 4, 2010
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hi people.
i need to install vista,but i am using windows7 at present.
i want to know something,i know this that if i install vista on C and win7 on D,it wont need any changes and settings,it will set everything ask for booting of OS.i mean older OS 1st.but when i have to do win7 on C and vista on D.what settings i must to make both work...

2nd thing,i also read somewhere,it is possible to install both win7 and vista in C,just some tweaking or changes needed.i want to know what and how i can do this,cuz i have enough space in C drive. 70gb total,and 40gb empty.
plz help me to install vista in C.

if anyone can answer both Qs,i will be thankful to him lots.

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