Hard drive burned out - Need to re-install W7 from scratch...

Mar 9, 2013
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My laptop (Samsung RV511) spat the bearings in the hard drive turning into a paper weight... I have purchased a new HD but it is totally blank...

The issue I have is that W7 was a factory install and did not come with the disc... I also lost the back up data off my portable HD when it got accidentally formatted the other week...

I downloaded a copy of W7 (i still have the genuine activation key) burned it to disk, but still cant get my laptop to boot from it... I start it up put the disc in restart it and all I get is a message saying cannot boot no files on hard drive... The disc drive spools up but it wont read from it...

I am to the point that I will put it in a trap and blast it with my shotgun...

I havent formatted a computer since I upgraded from 98 to XP over a decade ago...

So any help would be great...



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May 10, 2010
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First, in the BIOS you need to be sure the system is set so the DVD is first in the boot order.

Then if it still gives you that error then the DVD you created isn't burned properly as a bootable system disk. If you look at the list of files on the DVD and there is only one file, an .ISO, then it isn't correct; try burning the ISO with IMGBurn.

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