Changing Hard Drive and OS

Apr 29, 2016
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Here's my reason to ask. I have a HP desktop that had Windows 7 Home and I upgraded to Windows 10 Home in 2015. I'm not anyway happy with Win10, so, I bought a "New" clean SSD drive to install in this computer and install Windows 7 Pro. I have a Win 7 Pro install OS disc to make the change.

Question: When I install the SSD in the PC where Windows 10 Home was and load Win 7 Pro on the SSD, will the installation go ok, or will there be a problem? Keep in mind this PC has Windows 10 Home on it.


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May 10, 2010
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(DISREGARD: ) Do you have any idea what the old product key is for your W7? Without the old product key you probably won't be able to activate the W7.

Never mind, from your other post you only had HOME which means you must have a new PRO product key. There is no way to activate a PRO installation with your old key

Also note that W7 does not have native SSD drivers which means it will not see your new SSD on which to install W7 until you go in to the advanced options of the installation process & install drivers for the SSD. The drivers would need to be on a CD/DVD or possibly a USB stick plugged into a USB 2.0 slot (because I'm pretty sure there is no USB 3.0 support on the OS disc either).
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