Error in downloading and making attachment in new email

Jun 6, 2010
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I am using windows 7 with internet explorer 7. I am also user of domino web client and I have observed one problem with internet explorer 7 on system of every user of windows 7.
Domino lotus web client has two options.(Full|lite). First time, I run internet explorer as administrator because there is a need to install cache browser management, ActiveX control from domino server after logon the web email account it installs successfully as internet explorer give applet for confirmation but domino give script error before showing all emails, for domino web script error, it might be not related with my problem. I cannot download attachment or make new attachment in new email in “Full” mode while I can download or make new attachment in “Lite” mode of web email.
I also use Mozilla firefox 3.6 in windows 7 and when I logon email account from Mozilla, it asks me to allow access or deny access, I click allow access repeatedly three or four times and then I can download and make attachment in full mode or lite mod, forever.
We are using domino 8.0.1 server. Client windows 7 Professional, Internet explorer 7
I never face this problem in windows XP with internet explorer. But my new systems are having windows 7 pre-installed.
Snapshot in zip file is attached for helper.
Image is placed:
Can anyone help me?


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