Error 21: Selected drive does not exist?

Jun 8, 2014
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Ok guys so I will keep this short and sweet.

I am trying to do a RAID0 with 3 256GB ADATA SSD drives, Win7 pro x64 installs without a hitch and fast as all hell, get to the desktop, do the 1st batch of updates, restart after those install and finish and I get the above "Error 21" and no matter what I try, it will not boot back into windows.


The only drives hooked up are the 3 SSD's
They are all seen in the bios
They are all seen in the raid config screen
All 3 drives are brand new out of the box, tested extensively, and formatted correctly for raid0

Machine is an i5 3.4, 8gigs DDR3 2166, motherboard is an Asus Z87-A

Not sure what else to give, I DID however reinstall windows 7 64 pro, and restarted it 5 times now, after updates and without updates, and it hasnt crashed, Im just afraid it hasnt crashed YET...trying to get an answer to the problem, before I have the problem AGAIN...

I am a computer tech (have been for 20 years) so I know my fair share, but when it comes to an area I dont know much about, I always ask for help, and any you can give will be most definitely appreciated, after all you cant succeed at something if you dont know what its like to fail first...


Mar 1, 2012
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Welcome to the W7Forums.

Have you had a look in the Even log? (eventvwr.msc)

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