downloading propipe v8i

Sep 22, 2012
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i have purchased software Propipe V8i to work with Autocad 2009, and i am having problems the supplier is no longer helping me to solve the problem, i am no longer getting any response to the tickets i send them, hopefully you can help
i have tried several ways to download, 1/ setup.exe
2/Prosteel V8i 64 bit for autocad 2008-9.msi

when i use setup.exe i have the following:- NO LOCALISED PACKAGE FOUND

on the second method using a DVD i double pick on prosteel V8i
then the message Failed to install ISKernel Files make sure you have appropriate privileges on the machine

this is a brand new m/c i have built with win 7 64 bit software, built solely to get this prosteel software working, but again i have failed

is then anything that you can tell me to make this software work

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