Device Driver Anomaly

Oct 13, 2019
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G'day all,

Looking for some insight/enlightenment.

Operating a laptop and a desktop, both with updated to June 2019 versions of Windows 7 SP1 64 bit. All my drivers are updated and current on both.

I reently purchased a Hayear microscope camera and lens set. Primary purpose for camera is to produce a magnified view of circuit cards for soldering, but not my intended use.

Loaded viewing software on desk top without a hitch. Plugged in camera with supplied USB cord, the appropriate camera light illuminates, but no picture in the software. After several hours of internet research I had made no progress.

Out of frustration I loaded the same software on the laptop, then plugged in the camera; promptly got the loading "device drivers" message followed by the "your device is ready to use" message. Open the software and to my surprise got a great camera view in the software. At that point I realized the desktop did not load the device driver for the camera.

I've never experienced a new device not loading it's driver, so, is there an obvious reason I'm not seeing or is there some other step I can take to force a device drive to load? I did go to the camera website, Hayear, but no device drives to download.

Thanks for reading


Mar 13, 2011
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Check your desktop's device manager; what does it say? Is the USB device properly identified? Compare the situation with the laptop.

Particularly, check what device driver is loaded on the laptop.

Also, check the BIOS settings on both machines; legacy USB enabled/disabled?

Try removing all other USB devices from you desktop, reboot and then connect your microscope.

Good luck!

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