The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

Oct 9, 2012
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Hi all. I'm new to computers. I have a Toshiba Satellite C655 laptop using Windows 7 OS; SP1, Home Premium 64bit. Chrome is my browser and I have a HP3050; j610 printer. I was chugging along pretty well for a couple years using my wireless printer until I swapped out routers last week. My ISP gave me a D-Link 2750B this time. I think it's just coincidence, but thought I'd run it by you knowledgeable people since I'm going nowhere fast.

I can't connect my printer to my wireless network anymore. It gives the above error code 28. I follow directions for this code, uninstall driver and install new (Both ways, internet download from HP and also tried installation CD). Tried restart after. When I look in 'Programs & Features' I can clearly see the HP software and utility programs listed. I also did a system restore to a week earlier.

Other strange things going on also and I'm starting to suspect the worst, but keeping my fingers crossed one of you may have a solution. The thing I really don't understand is that during the setup process, I appear to be able to print via if I really don't have my drivers, this wouldn't be possible, would it?

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all ball, no chain
Feb 13, 2009
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The printer is connected to the router directly via USB, correct? And you cannot print to it from your PC? Usually there is a print server function in the router config which needs to be enabled for the printer to be shared over the network.

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