CPU temp and that gel on the heat-sink?


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Apr 7, 2010
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I think we need to resurrect it some
I used to have a little "farm" of 7 machines searching for SETI. The problem is, distributive computing projects like SETI or Folding push our machines 24/7. The hardware is designed to do that with no problems (with proper cooling - and with fans pulling in dust 24/7, frequent cleaning), but not everyone's budget is. Power hungry graphics solutions and monitors may be sleeping but CPUs and RAM are crunching watts faster than they are crunching work units - like leaving 75 - 100W light bulbs burning all day and all night for each machine running. But more than that, where are those watts of heat the PSUs push out go? Into our rooms. That may be nice in the wintertime but not now in the US where record heat spans the country.

That's not very "green" when hardware makers and tree-huggers are pushing "green".

I like the idea of contributing my computer's spare time to help cure cancer, but I think a $100 check to cancer research is a more efficient use of my money - and it's tax deductible!


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Mar 30, 2009
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You are absolutely correct and everyone should do their due diligence about costs and the many forms costs take on when doing any volunteer work.

In the summer I do everything from backing down OC's to stock, to limiting cores, to shutting down completely when I see fit.

I'm also running Boinc and some of their projects are less stressful (less heat) on the hardware.

If we (in upstate NY) experienced summer temps like OKC for example, then I'd shut everything down indefinitely.
Jul 30, 2012
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I think ill just run it on the ps3, every so oftern, doing my little bit :) and its around 200watt for a 6 hour simulation (average WU time on PS3) so I can leave on overnight, it shuts itself down after the WU.

As I lost my job the other day I cant be pushing watts out of all my tech all day :(

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