Stuttering and cpu usage peaks

Oct 3, 2016
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Hi, i just installed windows 7 pro 64bits on a new ssd, replacing the hdd i had. Just after, when i was watching some vídeos i noticed that the image was stuttering too much, went to task mngr and it shows that the CPU is always working, not to 100% but when i move a window or open a vídeo file it peaks. Also, after rebooting the pc, my keyboard died. I have tryed EVERYTHING, from drivers to try another pc... Same result, unknown device. It was working and nothing happened, just rebooted pc. Now i have installed the drivers that where missing but the thing still doesnt work and the stuttering keeps there. I alzó tryed reinstslling win7 on my old hdd, same result. Even unpluged GPU just to make sure it wssnt that, but didnt made a difference. I hace checked temperatures , drivers, ahci, tryed Ultra DMA 6, changing from 1 to 4 cpu's on msconfig... Everything, but cant get rid of the stuttering and CPU peaking. Please help!!!!


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May 10, 2010
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Were you running W7 before this or a different OS?

When Win7 is first installed it uses free CPU time to create it's search info so it is possible this is what is going on using all your CPU. Or it could be your AntiVirus software, all AV software slows down the computer but some work better than others. I suggest you use task manager or Process Explorer (download free from Microsoft) to watch your CPU usage and see what program or process is hogging your CPU. Then search for that program/process on the web to figure out the application involved. If it is your AV then consider trying a different product.

Also check for newer drivers for your video card. Whether your GPU is in or not it still uses video drivers so make sure you have the latest stable version.


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