SOLVED Please help me un-park four of eight CPU's?

Jan 31, 2010
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I have tried to un-park the parked CPU's on my System.
I replaced my prior System because it was too slow.
Now that I have a faster refurbished System, four of the eight CPU's are parked.
I have tried to un-park them but have not had any success.
I have Windows-7 set to 'High performance'.

Could there be any potential that a refurbished System might be defective?
Defective in a manner that it would not allow CPU's to be un-parked?

Does anyone have clues that could help me un-park the four CPU's?
Aug 15, 2018
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The way that AMD numbers the cores is not the same as Intel. AMD is naming every thread as a core, whereas Intel CPU's call them physical cores and threads. The AMD 8300, if it were made by Intel, would be called a 4 -core.

First, right click on the lower screen margin to "Start Task Manager."
Click on "Performance".
This will make a graph of the use of each thread.
This graph should show 8 graphs, one for each core / thread of the AMD 8300.

If Task Manager / Performance shows only 4 graphs:

The problem may be a setting in BIOS.
Start the system and go to the BIOS settings.
Check for any settings such as: "Enable all processors"

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