Can't print alternate PDF page Odd numbers! :-(

Jun 7, 2014
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Hi and thanks for your help in previous issues.

Am printing a 300-page PDF manual using Adobe Reader and Windows 7.

Haven't got a duplex printer but I use the old-fashioned way of printing the Even numbers, then turn 'em over and reload them to print the Odd numbers.

Have just reloaded pages 250 to 332 into my printer, and instructed the print as follows:
Pages to Print: - 251 - 333
Options: Odd or Even Pages - I chose Odd pages only.
result is that it starts printing Even numbers, starting at page number 252. Tried it several times but it is still ignoring the instruction to print only Odd numbers.

Can print a single page with an Odd number, no problem.

Somehow managed to print the Odd numbers earlier on today, but I must have accidentally changed one of the settings, although I can't see which one.

(EDIT): Just installed the free Foxit Reader, but the same problem persists: can't print Odd numbers only as described above. There is a workaround, I know, but I'm not ready to try that one yet: it involves loading the remaining half-finished pages one at a time.

Thanks for looking and thanks for anything useful.

(FINAL EDIT): Took the slow workaround option as described above: fed sixty pages into printer, one at a time, to complete the print job. :)

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May 10, 2010
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I've never done the even, odd print of a PDF but I'm curious if you tried saying print 250-333 odd (instead of 251-333) just to see if it made any difference, like maybe it needs 1 to skip in order to get the odds rather than it looking at the page # itself as even or odd.

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