Cable TV: Are We Getting What We Pay For?

Aug 4, 2015
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Not exactly.
Here is a message that I posted on Comcast's forum:

I just posted a message on the "Comcast forum" and would like to know if you agree? here is the message:
Hello to all subscribers,

You all pay a premium to watch the shows that is not on regular tv ( antenna reception) and the differance is you have to put up with as many as 5 commercials on the channel of your choice.

For me, I finally got fed up with these commercials. Now I want all to think about this. Why should we as customers have to listen to commercials if we are paying a premium for cable tv?
Are the networks which also include Comcast and Verizon and perhaps others getting greedy by accepting an arrangement by manufacturers to push these ad's on us and filling their bank account?
It's time all of us start complaining or look for options.
The point is: When I watch regular tv, I did not have to pay for it, dispite the ad's.

SO what do windows 7 members thihk about this? I think its about time we start some type of reprisal. As of now I Am looking at my options.
This message was first posted on Windows 8 forum and I just want to hopefully have others who subscribed to cable and have to put up with these commercials when you should not have too.. You are all paying a premium for your service while the networks receive a lot of money at your expense. Think about it.
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