BUG_USB_DRIVER - Windows 7 RC1 Install Issue

Jun 7, 2009
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When my computer reaches the end of the first section of the RC1 (64-bit) install, it doesn't reboot when it says it will. Instead, it sits for a while, and then gives me an error (BSOD) with the error code BUG_USB_DRIVER.

The only USB device I have plugged in is the receiver for my (MIcrosoft) wireless keyboard and mouse.

If I reboot the computer, it continues with the install but gets stuck at the Completing installation stage.

Anybody have any ideas?

My Specs:

Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe
Athlon 64 X2 5200+
4GB Crucial RAM
I had a similar thing happen when i tried to install W 7 it would not restart ? i had to turn it off with the power button and the turn on again at every stage where it said it was restarting either the File which causes it to restart is corrupt or missing, I downloaded Windows 7 ultimate proffesional what did you get, Had nothing plugged into usb ports though. I also found that if a program would not install from a CD if you copied it to a USB it would install ?? even some that W 7 said i could not use.

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