Zone Alarm & Win7

May 8, 2009
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Hi all,

I had installed Win7 RC1 on a second partition with no major problems. Dual boot was working fine.
Last night I decided to install 7 over Vista as my only operating system. Install went fine but the biggest problem I encountered was with Zonealarm Internet Security Suite.
It does not seem to be Win7 compatible. A lot of the files/drivers/dll's got bolcked by windows because they were incompatible. The net result was that I had no internet access after the install went tits up.
I was, as a matter of interest still connected to my router and the web its just no communcations were getting in or out.
I ran REVO uninstaller to remove Zone alarm and even after rebooting I could not connect to the web. Freeware and brilliant

To make a long story short I used system restore to take me back to the first time Win7 started after the setup and all was well. Now using Avast free edition AV untill I can sort it out.

For ACER users the Empowering Technology software is not Win7 compatible so will not run.


Oct 17, 2008
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If you're looking for a free firewall, the Kaspersky Windows 7 beta includes a good one:

It's free for the life of the Windows 7 Beta / RC as far as I understand :)

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