XP Mode no longer has hardware requirements


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Nov 13, 2009
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Less than a week ago, Microsoft announced that Windows Virtual PC w/XP Mode no longer has hardware requirements. This is a major breakthrough for those who needs this application to run older hardware/software on. The only requirement for XP Mode is that you have either Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate. Professional can be obtained through the Anytime Upgrade program for less than $100. This is far less costly than replacing a $2000+ printer or expensive camera that otherwise runs fine. The upgrade is simple, you already have the components in place with ANY version of Windows 7. All you're paying for is for the pre-installed features to be unlocked. This is not to be confused with the type of upgrade that you do when moving from Vista to Windows 7. This is a 10 minute upgrade, and none of your files, passwords or anything will be changed. Also, you gain five additional features over Home Premium. But the only noticeable change is that your startup screen will say Professional (or Ultimate), instead of what you have, that (along with the additional features) is worth the price alone. This program is the simple answer for most of the hardware/software incompatibilities that's posted on this forum. Go to the Windows Virtual PC site at Microsoft and view it for yourself, and hopefully many of you can save tons of cash in not having to replace your hardware or unreplaceable software.


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