No internet conextion until sleep mode or hebernation

Nov 22, 2017
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I have windows 7, lenovo Z50.

For a while i went from dynamic ip to a static one. I realized that it wasn't for me i went back to dynamic ip (i think i did it right when i want back to a dynamic one).

I don't know if my problem is related to this changes.

But i can't have access to internet connexion when i start my leptop (wireless connexion red cross problem), i have to go to hebernate mode or sleep mode to get access to the internet. i have to do this every time start my leptop it is annoying

I tried every solution in the book:
I went to my bios and found my wireless connection enable,
I checked IPv4/TCP and IPv6/TCP
When i start my leptop i went to windows mobility center but couldn't click on activate wireless connection
I deleted the config file in regedit
I upgraded my driver

Nothing seems to work. Help me please Thanks you

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