Wolfram Alpha releases first desktop PC app for Windows 7, makes homework even easier



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Wolfram|Alpha Brings Its Line of Mobile and Tablet Apps to PCs

Champaign, Illinois-April 26, 2012-Wolfram|Alpha, the leaders i
computational knowledge, today announced a partnership with Inte
bringing all Wolfram mobile applications-including the #1 referenc
app, the Wolfram|Alpha App-to Ultrabooks™ through the Intel AppU

Wolfram|Alpha has rapidly become the world's definitive source fo
instant expert knowledge and computation. Wolfram|Alpha Executiv
Director Luc Barthelet said this partnership marks the first deliver
of Wolfram|Alpha's computational knowledge to the world of PC apps

"We're delighted to bring the polished UI from our mobile an
tablet devices to the PC, specifically laptops and Ultrabooks™,
said Barthelet. "We have a growing line of mobile apps and ar
looking forward to bringing all of them to the AppUp center by the en
of the year.

The Wolfram|Alpha App for PCs & Ultrabooks™ features an optimize
user interface that takes advantage of the full PC screen. The ap
also features a specialized keyboard, easy resizing of results, an
extended copy and paste of query results and graphics

Students and professionals use Wolfram|Alpha in a variety of subjec
areas. Students can enter their specific homework problems and ge
immediate answers, including a "Show steps" feature fo
math-related queries. Later this year, Wolfram|Alpha will release it
series of Course Assistant Apps through the AppUp center in subject
such as calculus, astronomy, physics, and chemistry

Other specialized Wolfram|Alpha-powered apps include resources fo
professionals and in-depth reference materials in a vast array o
subject areas. To see a preview of what apps will be available on th
store this year, please view the complete collection o
Wolfram|Alpha-powered apps here

The Wolfram|Alpha App for PCs & Ultrabooks™ is available fo
purchase for $2.99 starting today

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