Menu still Alphabetical after restart


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May 10, 2010
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OK, hopefully somebody can tell me a regfix or something.

You know that in the opening Start menu the entries are not sorted, you can move them around in any order you like and they stay that way. But under "All Programs" they are sorted Alphabetically by default. So I turned that off in the Start Menu properties.
And it works fine, I can reorder them any way I like with drop and drag. The problem is, once I logout or restart then the list goes back to alphabetical. I don't believe it is supposed to work this way and I know it wasn't like that in XP so I'm hoping somebody knows a solution to have them stored.

EDIT: It's even worse than just when I logout; sometimes they revert by themselves staying anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 days before going back to alphabetical. Obviously something is running in the background. I know CCleaner can remove the files which maintain folder ordering but I have that option disabled so I suspect another program doing something similar, likely something part of the OS or the way windows explorer has been redesigned.
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