Wireless disabled and unable to switch it on

Mar 10, 2016
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So this is just one part of a whole mess of problems. To start, last night my laptop of 5 years stopped connecting to my WiFi. It would give me an error stating that it is unable to connect and to troubleshoot. So I would but it would tell me to restart the router. I didn't as the router wasn't the problem-- both my phone and my sister's laptop could connect and work just fine on the WiFi. After a few times of connecting and disconnecting, it finally let me have Internet access. It lasted just 15 minutes before it stopped again.

Next, I googled the issue and tried the solutions (such as turning third party firewalls off, disabling McAfee, and updaing the driver) but none of this worked. Well, I left to take the dog out and came back to see my laptop was stuck in an infinite loop of restarting and blue screening once it got to the logon screen. I then stopped it, restarted again, and hit F8 to restart it on the last known good configuration. Now, that stopped the restart loop but now there is no wireless option.

I usually have 2 options called Aetheras or something similar. When I go to turn those on, neither can be found. Trying to add a new wireless network manually doesn't work as it says wireless is disabled. Is there any fix to this?


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May 10, 2010
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It sounds like you may have more going on then the wi-fi. The whole start/shutdown loop issue could mean a problem such as hard drive issues and your network files may just be part of the hard drive corruption. So I would start by scanning the hard drive for problems and rule that out first. If necessary replace your hard drive.

If the hard drive is fine then try restoring to an old restore point prior to problems.

If still not working check the hardware manufacturer website for the latest Atheros driver for your computer and move it to your machine via a flash drive & then install it.

If it is still a problem then I would probably reinstall W7 (on a new hard drive if the old one was bad).

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