SOLVED Windows7:No audio output device installed: FIXED

Jan 21, 2013
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Once you upgrade your OS from Windows XP to Windows 7. For some reason it uninstalls or removes some of the Audio Codec files or sound card. So you won't get sound after upgradation. Please follow below steps:
1. First follow some regular method like goto control panel --> sounds --> properties --> uninstall the program or Update driver (if this wont work goto Step2)
2. Second method type services.msc in Run command --> WindowsAudio--> restart the services (if this wont work goto Step3)
3.On the run prompt type DXDIAG, a window opens goto Sound tab--> no information if you see then in that case you need to install sound card manually.
4. You cannot simply install sound card from any where, it is better to go for right source.
5. If you know your Mother board Make and Model then goto Step6 else download CPUZ software and get the Make and Model
6. Once you obtain your make and model. Go for your respective make website or visit and select your manufacturer For Eg. if your make is 'ASRock' then goto their website( and enter your model and download the corresponding drivers for Audio and install. BOOM!! your problem is fixed.. restart your system.. and done.. Enjoy. Please reply if it;s working or not
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