Windows Lives Mail 2011 restore question after crash

Nov 1, 2015
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A couple of days ago, my Windows Live Mail 2011 crashed and all my subfolders and emails disappeared. I was able to go to the Storage section, where after re-making new subfolders, I made recopied the storage files into these new subfolders.

However, some emails to different people showed the same message in each email and I could not find a way of getting the original messages back into the right emails.

I have since read an article that said I should check my Recycle Bin and I have done this and see that at the time WLM crashed, there are several WLM parts in the Recycle Bin.. There is a yellow folder called Backup and white ones, which all seem to be part of the WLM programme.

The problem is that if I try and restore these files, Will I, in fact have duplicates, e.g. those emails I copied over from Storage and those from the Recycle Bin?

Please advise if this would happen and what should I do, as I have some emails that obviously had their messages corrupted.

Please note that I am not a computer geek but a pensioner, so please write in simple terms.


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