Windows folder options resetting automatically

Feb 27, 2014
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I just recently started having an issue with all of my folders based on my laptop automatically resetting their sorting and viewing options. It's done this probably a dozen times over the last few weeks at seemingly random intervals. For instances, I might have a folder sorted by "date modified" and viewed as "details", and then for some reason will reset to being sorted by "name" and viewed as "large" without having done anything whatsoever. This change also occurs in any applications that save or open files in these folders (view settings I've created are reset).

What's odd about this is that it doesn't affect my external hard drives viewing options. All are exactly the same as I set them over a year ago.

Any idea what could be causing this behavior? I'm not sure if this is the work of bug/virus, an error or I'm unwittingly causing this to happen myself.



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May 10, 2010
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All data is categorized in one of 5 groups: general items, documents, music, pictures, & videos. Normally all folders of the same category type use the same "remembered" format; so if you sort one music folder a certain way then go to another music folder it will appear in that same sort pattern.

If this is NOT what you think is happening then the best guess would be issues with your registry. You best chance of fixing a registry problem is to use a restore point from prior to the problems. If you don't have a restore point old enough then you could try creating a brand new user and then, if it works properly under the new logon ID, you transfer all your files/folders to the new account. If that doesn't help then your best option is to back up your data and then completely reinstall W7.

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