Windows does not work after latest Update

Dec 22, 2013
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This post is on 12/22/2013. Whatever the most recent update/patch time was, I believe a week ago, I told it to go ahead and update. I believe they were mostly Security Updates. Anyways, after it restarted and Windows 7 came up, all my icons were bigger and my fonts had been changed. I did everything I knew to fix it, like changing resolution and font and icon settings etc., but nothing put it back the way I had it before the update. So I restored Windows to before I did the update and everything went back fine.
So I tried again to see if it was the Update, but this time everything looked like the original Windows 98 and I got a message that said that the Hard Drive could not be found. So I restored it to before I did the Update again and everything is now fine...
But NOW I logged onto my computer and it was asking me permission for Remote Access certification (which I said NO to), and I'm all nervous now because I know Security Update and Patches are important but every time I do them it screws up my Lap top....

Anyone else had this experience or know how to fix it? This is important because I do all my work on my Lap top.
Windows 7
Toshiba Satellite
Quad Core and Radeon Graphics


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May 10, 2010
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The first step would be to make sure your hard drive does not have a virus.
Please follow the instructions at the beginning of my post HERE to check your system in safe mode.
Mar 8, 2009
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Assuming IE11 was installed when updating.

Try uninstalling Internet Explorer 11. I've already had issues with two machines in a house of 6 machines with IE11. All I can say is one of the machines would not boot correctly. And since I had issues with IE11 on a previous machine, removing IE11 was the only thing I did. I was expecting the issue to continue, surprisingly it disappeared with the removal of IE11. Booting into Safe Mode may be an option if normal booting fails.

The first machine had page display and scrolling problems. Machine 1 was a desktop, and Machine 2 was a netbook. Both of which had what appeared to be different issues caused by the same source. Who knows this could also be the source of your problem.

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