Windows Defender in Windows 8



Yes. The code and reg entries are common.

Fyi...the reason I'm suggesting this...the notification icon for your removed program (while uninstalled) may remain in the tray
cache file. Windows (and yes 8) is smart enough to rebuild the cache and the registry values.

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"cameo" wrote in message
"cameo" wrote in message news:[email protected]...

Optionally CrapCleaner has an option to clear out and reset Tray
Notification cache.
Does this also work in Win8?


Fortunately the mcagent.exe icon disappeared on its own after I booted
up this morning. However, when I checked that sticky McAfee value in the
registry, it's still there and I can't delete it from there.
I tried' Paul's suggestion with changing permission from Trusted
Installer to Administrator, but it would not let me make that change.
So now the Trusted Installer has both Full Control and Read permission,
the others only Read. Strange, but at least the icon is no longer in the
Notification Area.

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