Windows 7 SSD Benchmarks


Oct 17, 2008
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Windows 7 News have some interesting information on the performance of SSD (solid state drives) in W7. Now that SSD prices are fairly low for small size drives, it could be possible to have a Windows 7 boot only drive. This would speed up boot times and some Windows tasks, and allow you to use a cheaper SATA drive for other applications.

Microsoft made some bold claims back at the WinHec Conference about Solid State Drive (SSD) performance boosts in Windows 7. It only took a week after the release of the Windows 7 Beta before the first benchmarks appeared on websites. Tweaktown for instance published benchmarks about SSD performance in Windows 7 compared to Windows Vista Service Pack 1. SSD performance was tested both in a single drive and RAID setup using Patriot Warp2 128GB SSD SATA drives. Tests were run on 64-bit versions of both Windows 7 and Windows Vista Service Pack 1. Both read and write speeds were tested with HD Tune Pro.

The average read speed was 3-5 MB/s higher in Windows 7 than it was in Windows Vista Service Pack 1 while maximum read speeds were up to a maximum of 10 MB/s. While that is not a lot for a drive with read speeds of more than 100 MB/s.

Write speeds were more interesting. The average write speed of the drives in Raid 0 was 10 MB/s higher in Windows 7 than it was in Windows Vista with a write speed of 71 MB/s compared to 61 MB/s in Windows Vista. The different was only 1 MB/s on the other hand for single SSDs.

It should be noted that drive performance could increase further since Windows 7 is still a beta release and not a final one. The right drivers could increase the read and write performance of Solid State Drives in Windows 7 further.
Read the full news post here.


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