Windows 7 and bootable SSD settings

Jan 4, 2010
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I recently received this helpful advice from Thrax:

"when Windows 7 is installed, disable all of these services: Windows Indexing Service, System Restore, Windows Defrag, NFTS Memory Usage, Date Stamping, Boot Tracing, Page File (move to RAMdisk or secondary mechanical drive), Prefetching, 8.3 Names, and Superfetch"

“… all of these settings must be disabled because SSDs are built from memory chips that can only be erased and rewritten a limited number of times. All of these system services perform a large number of writes to a drive, but they're designed to enhance the performance of a mechanical hard drive. They offer little to no benefit to an SSD. You no longer have a mechanical drive, and you shouldn't sabotage the longevity of your SSD by leaving services enabled which write unnecessary data.”

Now that I have successfully installed both Windows 7 and the bootable SSD (OCZ 60g) I'd like to know exactly how to disable these, and thought the response might be usefull to some other non techies like me.

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