windows 7 preferred backup solution


Gene E. Bloch

How can I do that without replacing the WD hard drive with different brand?
Download & install the generic free version of Macrium or Acronis, or buy &
install the paid version of one of those. Then do a complete backup.

It might be possible that the generic free or the paid version will read
the backups produced earlier by the disk manufacturer's version, so you
might be able to skip the complete backup.

I might have made a mistake above: I don't know whether Acronis has a free
generic version.

To be explicit about something else: Acronis can't read Macrium's files and
vice versa.

Roland Schweiger \(eternal september / motzarella\

Experimented with both: Acronis True Image and Windows Backup, on Win7 32bit
and 64bit versions.

True Image works fine but i do not consider it as necessary as in earlier
Win versions,
because the Windows Backup program does a good job - and you can also mount
the created images.

Roland Schweiger

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