windows 7 on system reserved partition

Nov 30, 2012
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Hi guys,

It was my first time installing windows 7 so i didn't know anything about system reserved partition.
I assumed i should install OS on it so i extended system reserved partition to 60GB and installed windows on it

Now my c: drive, with windows on it, is labeled system reserved.

Everything is working fine, but i don't know if there could be problems in the future.
If so, is there a way to fix it without a reinstall


Post Quinquagenarian
Microsoft MVP
Apr 7, 2010
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Hi cucumber and welcome.
is there a way to fix it without a reinstall
It is not broken so no need to fix it. As you noted, the drive/partition is "labeled". If you don't like it called "System Reserved", rename it!

I call my C drive "System", my D drive is "Applications and Data".

Under Computer, right click on the drive/partition and select Properties and on the General tab, click on the text field containing the name and edit it to what you want.

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