Windows 7 Network Login Credentials Issues

Dec 6, 2009
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Like many people on this and other forums, I had problems of getting Windows 7 to connect my network drive (Buffalo Linkstation Live - LS-CHL) automatically. Having read many suggesions, I concluded the clue had to be in the Credential Manager and decided to have a go. By chance I got it working on my desktop and also manage to get it working on my two laptops. I thought I should share this with you and hope that it works for you. I posted this as a reply to someone's thread but then thought it would be more visible as a new thread.

This is how I did it. Some bits might be red herring but it is how I did it.
  1. Connect your network storage device manually as before.
  2. Go to Credential Manager under Control Panel-User Accounts. Look for your network storage device under Windows Credentials and double click it. Then select" Edit". Replece the PC domain name in front of your user name with network storage name (LS-CHLxxx, in my case). Save.
  3. Log off from you Windows account and then log in again. Windows will again say it cannot connect network drive. Open Credential Manager again and you will notice that your device is no long appear under Windows Credentials.
  4. Now connect your storage device again manually. Then in Credential Manager click "Add a Windows Credential": enter device name (LS-CHLxxx, in my case) as internet/network address, user name (without domain name) and password. Save.
  5. That is it. Log off window and then log back on, your device should be connected automatically.

    The sequence is important. If this does not work try to swap the two activities in step 4 - Add new windows credential first then connect the storage device.
Good luck!

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