Microsoft are offering 3 primary versions of Windows 7, called Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate (although there are some extra editions for some
countries). To help decide which suits you best, there is a handy chart which outlines the features available in each edition.

Home Premium Edition

This edition is well suited to the vast majority of users that use Windows 7, as it includes all of the major features that are expected of a Windows operating system (including media player, networking support, etc...). If you don't require any advanced networking features or improved backward compatibility.

Professional Edition

Some high-end and power users will appreciate the advanced networking abilities of the Professional Edition, and the ability to host RDP sessions. One major feature is the ability to run applications in a seamless virtual XP environment.

Ultimate Edition

This edition includes all of the features that lesser editions do, but also includes the ability to use multiple languages as well as several security features such as BitLocker and AppLocker. This won't be of use to the average home user, but will appeal to some customers.


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Ian, Jul 19, 2009