Windows 7 Home Premium major system crash

Apr 15, 2014
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This evening, I rebooted my machine, and during startup it spent about an hour cycling through all of the files that were orphaned - not sure what happened, but i think many critical system files are now gone. During boot, I immediately get an error that explorer.exe has an error and wont start. My objective is to be able to move my docs to a network or external hard drive so I can do a fresh install, but I can't find a way to do this.

I can get into task manager, start applications such as regedit and cmd.
I've tried starting in safe mode, no difference. I can't access the CD Drive through the command line. I don't have a restore point. The ASUS emergency disk that came with is not bootable - you have to be able to fully start the system to access whats on the disk. I tried burning a standard ISO image to DVD, and do an upgrade to restore the files, it's wanting me to start using the Windows version on the hard drive and then run the app on the CD - can't do that. I tried selecting "repair", and apparently the clean WIndows ISO image won't work on the OEM version that's installed on the laptop.
Note that using the command prompt, I tried accessing my user folder, and get Access Denied.
I also tried to map to computer\c$ from another computer, that didn't work either.
Not sure what sfc /scannow does, but i've seen that discussed on another forum. I doesn't run.
I think that about covers all the pertinents.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place and hoping there's something I havent tried; I don't want to wipe all my files if i'm this close! Any suggestions?
If there's not a fix, how hard is it to put a new disk in, and access the existing one as a slave to pull the files?
Thanks much in advance for any guidance and wisdom!!


Aug 6, 2012
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Try performing sfc /scannow for once at least and see if may found the route cause of the problem and restore your system to successful running state.

Before running for fresh install, please follow steps mentioned in below tutorial to solve your explorer.exe problems and see if you succeeded.

Another risk free way is to simply pull the problem hard drive and connect it as a slave on another computer and see if you might able to access all the stored data. If so, copy all your files immediately and then plug it back again to your computer and reinstall a fresh copy of Windows.

Good Luck!!



Mar 1, 2012
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So either you have a nasty virus or your hard disk is about to fail.

i would suggest :
1/ Please download and run Windows Defender Offline. It will create a CD / DVD / USB and will boot and scan your hard drive offline.
2/ Download and run TDSSKiller.
3/ Install Malwarebytes (Free Version) and scan your computer.
4/ Download CPU-Z and run it. Go to the "About" tab and save it as a txt (text) file. Upload the text file to the forum.

If indeed your hard disk is on its way out you could try SpinRite.

Try the scans first. Let us know how you get on. We can decide on the next move once the scans are complete.

*****EDIT: If you you do run sfc /scannow please find the CBD.log file and post it to the forum. It might be helpful.
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