Windows 7 64bit Freezes on Sony Vaio Laptop

Jan 16, 2010
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Hello everyone,

My laptop specs are:

4gb Ram
8600 M GT
Windows 7 64 bit Professional
Eset Nod32 64bit version antivirus
No other softwares at all

Problem i had was i have two 250gb fujitsu hdd and they were raid 0 setup had this laptop for 3 years now but from last 4 days my laptop started to freeze after being idle for 10 mins or less or more. I found out that my one of my hdd disk0 had an error saying "Error occurred 0", so i deleted the raid setup and created a new one but same error while installing windows 7. So i made my raid 0 drives to non raid drives so now they are just 2x 250gb hdd and installed Windows 7 64bit pro fresh install and it worked perfectly.

Then started installing all the latest drivers for 8600M GT video card and also installed the Intel Chipset drivers from sony. But the windows 7 freezing is still there. So i did chkdsk went ok, downloaded hd tune pro to see the health of my drives came up fine. Did the memory test came up fine. Opened up my laptop cleaned some dust everything is fine. My fans works when it gets hot. when i am working normally my laptop is quiet so doesnt overheat as well.

But still having this freezing after being idle i get this error "The application is not responding this program may respond if you wait End process or cancel". My mouse cursor moves around all the time but has that round circle on it all the time when it freezes i can minimise the applications but all the applications gets "Not Responding on top" and then it just freezes and gives me error.

When i restart everything is fine again. So anyone please guide me what could be the problem i am getting annoyed with this crappy windows 7 now

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Feb 15, 2010
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I have the same setup, Windows 7 64bit. (On a non-over clocked system with a system rating of 7.4)

The problem is being caused by ESET.

In my experience these problems occurred on first reboot, when the system hung while logging in.

There are fewer problems with the new BETA version; however I have since uninstalled the application because it would randomly freeze the computer once every few days. The mouse would still work, however the applications would all stop responding. Also it would take forever to login with a new or temporarily profile. Another side-effect I noticed is sometimes when trying to launch a program from the start menu, nothing would happen... the start menu remains open. I would try again and again to open the application. Then after about 10seconds, a couple of copies of the application I was trying to launch would open at the same time. I also noticed great improvements on system response time performance after uninstalling it.

I would advise to stay away from ESET on Windows 7 64bit until they fix their buggy AntiVirus.

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