Can't format windows 7 ultimate 64bit ,can't enter disks ,trojan horse detected on memory

Nov 8, 2016
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So I'v been working on with windows 7 proffesional and I'v desided to go for windows 7 ultimate,so I will be able to use updates and could able to change language.
What happend after that is history,after I'v done installing windows 7 ultimate I'v started to download the motherboards Program and the activation of the windows itself,but someone putted trojan horse in the file.
the moment after I realised it happend I did fast as I could to bring eset nod 32 antivirus to computer to block it, the trojan horse blocked the installation of the anti virus so I turned off computer.
I was thinking what to do? I decided to format it again so the virus will gone.
From that moment I couldn't enter any disks or use formatting through usb,I could only use the same iso disc of the windows 7 ultimate,I also thought it recognise it cause it has to be infected,I'v tried reboot all system.
Restart the motherboards and the bios but nothing changed,I used all windows installation tools to repair the damage have done but nothing changed. my computer is new
(intel I7 4cores,nvidia gtx 1060,8g ram,2tb)
please I'm affraid if I will go to the store I bought it,if they will realise it was trojan hack they won't fix it.
Any suggetion what to do??

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