Win2K fails "Kmode_exception_not_handled"


Robert Baer

Only recently discovered; if i insert a BLANK CD or DVD, this happens
(else OK).
Help? (did a FULL Avast! and all passed)


Robert said:
Only recently discovered; if i insert a BLANK CD or DVD, this happens
(else OK).
Help? (did a FULL Avast! and all passed)
You're posting a Win2K question in Windows 7 newsgroup ?



"These are nearly always hardware compatibility issues (which sometimes
means a driver issue or a need for a BIOS upgrade)"

The driver in this case, would be provided by Windows.
And that means, it's perfect and can't possibly have any bugs :) /sarcasm

Being an optical drive, this can be an Upperfilter problem. Instead
of the Microsoft optical driver stack being at fault, you have installed
a third-party burning utility. That burning utility installs an
"Upperfilter" entry (a shim), and taps into the stream of info from the drive.

An example, might be the Gear Software burner program from iTunes.
Which on many Windows OSes now, is obsolete (on WinXP, you could
be using the optional IMAPI V2.0 package perhaps). Since Win2K doesn't
have that as an option, for burning a DVD, then perhaps the GEAR
Software package is still used. There are likely a number of other
optical-drive-related packages, that might qualify.

You can try the Fixit for optical drives. Maybe that will Fixit.
If the Fixit will not run for Win2K, you can always follow the Regedit
registry fix instead.


This article, includes an easy way to display the Upperfilter, using
the devcon.exe utility (available for downloading). Use the 32 bit
version of devcon, on a 32 bit OS. The 64 bit version included in
the download, is not for Windows x64. To get the real 64 bit version,
a completely different download route is required (that is, unless
Microsoft fixed it since the last time I posted about this).

devcon stack gencdrom > output.txt

Name: <name> CDRW121032
Setup Class: {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} CDROM
Upper filters:
<driver name> <----- maybe *this* is causing Kernel Mode Exception
Controlling service:
Lower filters:
<driver name>
1 matching device(s) found.

The fixit is here. As well as the manual regedit registry procedure, to
delete the UpperFilter entry.

UpperFilters <--- Delete

Do not do a search on the registry, and eradicate every UpperFilter you
can find. That would be a mistake. The GUID {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
is the *only* one you should touch. If you delete one of the other ones,
your keyboard stops working :) And try and escape from that.


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