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Apr 8, 2015
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Last week I gor a blue screen. IIt's the firsr rime I've goten it with Windows 7. I turned off the computer and when I started it back up it got as far as the background loading but no icoms so I couldn't log in to Windows. I reboted several times and ended up getting a scren that said it was rung the Startup repair. It fails that. I'm able to get the comand prompt from the advanced options screen. I'm able to move around in there changin directories, etc. I can't access any drives other than the Hd so I can'r copy any files feom the Cdrom drive or Usb drive.

The computer came with Windows 7 already loaded on it but II don't remember if I got an INstal or Recovery CD.

I'm stuck and don't know what to do. HELP!!



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May 10, 2010
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Most computers you buy come with an OEM copy of Windows 7. And most of those do not come with a W7 Installation DVD. If you are lucky it comes with a Recovery DVD but most require you actually burn it on your own (this is normally provided as a recommendation on first bootup (& ofteny one last time at day 30 if you didn't). If you never did it or lost them then you are generally on the hook to contact the PC manufacturer and buy it (usually for around $89 - $119 in the US).

Some computers come with a Recovery Partition instead of a DVD and that is fine until the Hard drive itself crashes, then you have to replace the hard drive as well as get W7 or Recovery DVDs from the manufacturer.

NOTE: If you know your actual product key you can probably install W7 using a friends full or upgrade W7 Installation DVD. You will still need specific drivers for your computer, so download those from the manufacturers website (preferably first, in case the driver you need is a network driver to get you connected to the internet)

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