Win 7 64 bit not being read by my DVD writer

Feb 26, 2012
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My NEC DVD writerwill notdetect my 64 bit version of Home Premium. My system also will not boot from the disk, even when the BIOS is sett to do so. I currently run W7 Pro 32 bit. The drive is an older IDE dvd writer. It detects other disks, and boots from an XP cd, so the drive itself is fine.

I updated the writer's driver. After I did so, the drive displayed thec contents of the disk once, but the system would not boot from the disk. Afterwards, the writer refused to detect the disk again. The disk displaye dits content in othrr W7 systems without a problem.

Could the fact that the drive is an older IDE drive be the problem? Any opinions are appreciated. Thanks......

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