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nick said:
Yes again ... when I right click on the desktop, I next click on "New"
to see the display.
What you are asking about is right-clicking on the desktop to show the
context menu (shell extension) for the desktop object. Those are
defined in the registry.

A Google search of:


found several possibilities for solution, like:

This gives .zip file containing .reg files on which you double-click
to remove or re-add the registry entries for those shell extensions
and their handlers. I cannot vouch for these .reg files so use at
your own risk.

I have to wonder how they happened to disappear. If it wasn't some
user error that corrupted the registry, like using registry cleaners
by someone without experience in understanding the registry, or
tweakers (which modify the registry), or some other user interferrence
then you might want to update and do a scan with your anti-virus
software, and maybe add another for overlapped coverage (but only have
one running in the background at a time to avoid conflict).

Those shell extensions and the handler definitions just don't
disappear from the registry without someone or something doing that.
Did you recently install a program that adds themself to the submenu
of the New context menu entry? How long has this problem existed? If
it was recent when you had the full New submenu before it disappeared,
what have you installed in that time? An invalid entry added by a new
program (or a newly reconfigured one) can interfere with Windows
constructing the context menu and submenus.


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