Restore Microphone Adjustment At Playback Devices

Jul 23, 2017
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I had my sound set up to play microphone input through my external speakers for karaoke, and the setting changed inadvertently.

Now the only way I can hear the output is by clicking the box Listen to this Device box checked at the Recording Devices > Microphone Properties > Listen tab, with my external speakers selected as the Playback Through This Device option. The microphone input plays slightly delayed behind the music output mix, making it unusable for this application.

Previously I had that box unchecked, and by going to Playback > Speakers Properties > Levels, there was an adjustment bar for the microphone level there along with the bar for the speakers level. By unmuting the microphone level at that window, I could adjust the microphone volume there, and the microphone input mixed with karaoke music and played through the speakers with no output delay. For some unknown reason, the microphone adjustment disappeared from the Playback > Speakers Properties > Level window. Now there is just a bar adjustment for the speakers there.

Someone at my karaoke site suggested rolling back possibly updated microphone and speaker drivers, but I was unable to do so because the rollback field was grayed out. I went to my device maker (Dell) and updated drivers, and that didn't help. Finally I tried a system restore, but no luck. At this point I am out of further options.

Is there any known way to restore the microphone adjustment bar at Playback > Speakers Properties > Level or any other means of setting up the audio devices so I can listen to output from microphone to external speakers without the delay that occurs with the Listen to This Device box checked at the Microphone Properties > Levels tab? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time.
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