Visual Studio & Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

Jan 3, 2010
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I need a little help with the subject.

I have installed Visual Studio (I have Windows 7 Ultimate), and I wonder if I, a regular but rather knowledgeable user, need to use it in any way, or just let it "sit there" and do its things? And, I also wonder if I need to install "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable" and, if so, if I need to do anything with it?

Thank you for any help on this.

Hans L


^ The World's First ^
May 10, 2010
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Visual Studio is an application (it helps people write their own applications) so if you installed that program and don't need it then uninstall it. However if you are just looking at your add/remove programs & see something like "Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime" then it is the redistributable code from Visual Studio & IS needed by a program (in this case Microsoft Office) and should be left installed.

There are many versions of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2017, and versions for x86 or x64). If an application needs one, then on installation the installer checks to see if you have it and installs it if you don't. So unless you know for certain you have deleted every app that needs that particular version then you just leave them installed.

These redistributables are little subroutines to do things so developers don't have to rewrite common code in every app.

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