Upgrades, moneys, recession

Jan 22, 2009
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Hallo chaps. Hope u all had a fantastic xmas, and incoming NYE, dont get too wasted.
now to business. if you take a look at my sig/upgrade list, youll see, well, my upgrade list. what with xmas over and money in, i was thinking about wether or not to start implementing these upgrades. Ive already bought 1 of the 5770s, and am now considering the RAM/processor next. My question is wether anyone knows about any possible price drops or wether my choices are even wrong?

Im looking for any other POVs, dont wanna pay what the prices are now if there are drops around the corner, etc etc.
thanks in advance.



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Nov 13, 2009
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Hi faun, I haven't heard about any price drops regarding parts (except RAM), but there is one piece of advice to offer. For most, 4GB RAM is best, unless you're a heavy gamer or run a lot of RAM hog programs at once. Very few people need 8GB RAM, that extra amount can be spent towards your other projects. A good place to buy RAM is 1-800-4MEMORY. That's where I buy mine at, and they will give you a lifetime warranty and will even buy your old RAM sticks from you. Hope this helps, and Happy New Year to you!

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