Unable to setup share printer in Windows 7

May 4, 2012
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I have two windows 7 computers. computer-A is connecting EPSON printer and I have enabled the file and printer sharing function. The file sharing function is working fine. Then I tried to add the printer in control panel on computer-B, it sees the epson printer but when I try to install the driver (download from computer-A) then it say unable to connect. I have try it on different computer-C it is saying the same thing. What should I do?

I have installed the EPSON driver in computer-B (hoping it would work)but still after the install the driver (download from computer-A) by itself then it says unable to connect the printer.

I have setup all the computers with the group name of WORKFROUP. You may wonder why I don't use the Windows 7 Homegroup, it is because I have some XP computers need to use that computer-A's printer.

Please help me on how to make the printer sharing works.

Please check the video on too:



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