SOLVED Ultimate list of tools, links and guide to customizing Windows 7 Source: http://www.


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Oct 27, 2009
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From: The Windows Club 8-19-2010

Windows 7 has an awesome User Interface and one doesn’t really feel the need to change its look. Nevertheless the beauty of the Windows operating system is that it lets you tweak any setting or customize it to give it a completely new look.

TWC has released several freeware tools to help you tweak or customize the Windows 7 UI. Moreover we have also covered several apps from other sources too.

Here is a list of some apps which will let you customize most aspects of the Windows 7 UI.

You may check out more posts on customizing Windows 7 here.
A few cool 3rd-party themes for Windows 7

Search for more Windows 7 Skins / Visual Styles / Themes on DeviantArt.
Search for Windows 7 Start Buttons on DeviantArt.
Search for DreamScenes on DeviantArt.

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