win7 ultimate x64 problem

Dec 21, 2015
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hi all w7forum friends i am new here
my problem >
I have win 7ultimate x64 vetno ak pc and intel 13
before somedays i made update (this update that windows send to all ) when i came from university my pc couldnt load windows ... basicly i opened my pc and i could just see a black screen and after some minutes and mouse only that

i burned a cd with livecd ubundu and it worked well bot cd with win7 ultimate x64 doesnt work so i cant repair my windows
i changed 3 dvd with win 7 ultimate x64 and the same problem remain

can u help me to repair windows without loosing my files please

thank u all for your time


^ The World's First ^
May 10, 2010
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So your computer will not load windows after an Windows Update?

It may be that you got a "driver" update that was not quite right for your computer. By default "Recommended Updates" are treated the same as "Critical Updates", and "Driver Updates" are sent as Recommended.

Try to start your computer in "safe mode" and then if you can do that run "system restore" and restore to a "restore point" prior to the update. Then reboot.

To prevent the driver from being installed again, you either have to go to Control Panel > Windows Update and right click on the driver that is bad to "Hide update," but you have to figure out which driver update it was. Or, in the Windows Update settings, remove the check next to "Treat Recommended Updates the same as Critical Updates" so that no drivers are ever updated again unless you run the update manually.

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