Trying to upgrade to Windows 10 on a broken Windows 7 laptop.

Sep 13, 2019
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Disclaimer - My english is not the best.

So, my laptop got broken, it freezes like 10 minutes after the boot every time. (At this point I dont think it is fixable, I tried like every antivirus scan out there, and it found nothing. I also tried to run all the diagnostics in BIOS but nothing has changed). I want to install WIndows 10 with MediaCreationTool, that would fix my problem, because it would reinstall the whole OS i think. Im able to boot it up with Safe Mode with Internet, so i downloaded linux ubuntu with WUBI, and im using it with 30gb memory space right now. I can not upgrade to windows 10 from the Safe Mode through MediaCreationTool, it gives me an error, but I can, if I boot the pc normally. But again, it freezes after like 10 minutes, so i cannot finish the installation. I dont really know what to do and if there is any way to reinstall or upgrade my windows. Thank you for help.

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