Too Many Fonts Installed?


Dave \Crash\ Dummy

Wolf said:
Today, I tried the method given by Chris H (first post on the
referenced page). Worked.

However, on a whim, I decided to give SYSTEM full control as well,
before shutting down and starting in Safe Mode w/ Command prompt. So
there were two new Owners of the font file: MyUserName and SYSTEM.
Since some people report the method did not work for them, it may be
that giving SYSTEM full control is necessary.

When I cd'd to \windows\fonts, I then did "dir x*", where x is the
initial of the font I wanted to delete. That way I could be sure of
spelling its filename correctly when I did "del fontname.ttf".

I discovered that when two or more fonts form a "family", you see
either a *.ttc file, or a group of fontname.ttf files.
I just tried Chris H. method with a single font, and it worked. I did it
exactly as prescribed. I didn't make SYSTEM and owner or change SYSTEM
permissions. After some planning and preparation, I'll try to get rid of
ALL the junk fonts!

BTW, here is a list I made of the font filenames, all 438 of them, from
8514fix.fon to wingding.ttf.





Stan Brown

On 12/05/2012 10:04 AM, Wolf K wrote:

Today, I tried the method given by Chris H (first post on the referenced
page). Worked.
To Stan Brown: I forget exactly what I did with regedit. Sorry. I'm not
going to try to reproduce it, seeing how Chris H';s method works.

Win7 Pro 64 bit.
Thanks! That's specific, and helpful. I'll try it myself.

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