Need help with "tooo many Primary Partitions" probs

Oct 26, 2009
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* Too many Primary Partitions, how to fix ?
I am trying to install PuppyLinuxSlacko.5.4 from a LiveUsb to an unallocated-Partition in my Lenovo-G770 Laptop, Win7 .
My G770 shows that I have two disks: C:\ and D:\ .
But the Using (Linux) GParted program shows there are 4-Primary Partitions already (see pic GParted01.png below) .

And when I try to Format the Unallocated Partition, I get an Error Msg (GParted02.png below) .

I've been told that to try and fix it in Linux is too risky .
I (not Lenovo) set up the unallocated 20gb partition.
Can I just merge it into the 29gb Extended Partition ?
If I did merge, How would I access it ? Which Partition is it an extension of ?
I am on thin ice here, and would rather fix the prob in Window7 , because I am brand new to Linux .

Here is the PartitionsDetail using AomeiPartitionAssistant -note the differences:
Is there a way to tell what's in the partitions , especially the two 29gb partitions and the 14gb partition ?

Worst case: Is there a way to reset my 'Lenovo G770' computer back to factory settings under win7 ?



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Mar 30, 2009
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You are going to have to think long and hard about deleting 1 or both Lenovo partitions. If it's a new laptop the decision will be tough. Google is your friend. Search the consequences.

I had the same dilemma on a Dell and chose to get rid of the recovery partitions. Your choice may differ.

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