Thoughts on reinstalling 32-bit over my 64?

Dec 30, 2012
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Is this crazy: I have a new 64 bit Thinkpad and own both a 32 bit and a 64 bit Win 7. It came with 64 bit installed, but I'm thinking of installing 32 bit so that I can run my beloved DOS programs (especially XyWrite) without using a virtual machine. Any reason not to? I have on my Mac a 32 bit Win 7 virtual machine and I like it.

Second question: I have the product key for the 32 bit W7 disc, but I used that to install the OS for the virtual machine on the Mac. Can I use that product key again? I don't think I ever registered the VM 32 bitter with MSFT.

Thanks in advance.


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May 10, 2010
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I moved this to it's own thread. Generally it is best not to dig up 2 year old threads, as it can easily go unnoticed.

Several points to your question before my recommendation ...

- Your W7 product that is installed in a virtual environment is in use and that license cannot legally be used on this, or any other, computer while still installed in a Virtual Environment.
-Also moving that license depends on whether it is OEM or not. If it is a full or upgrade version then legally if you uninstalled it from the virtual machine then you could transfer your license to the Thinkpad. OEM licenses can never legally be moved once installed; they die with that computer.
-BUT ... it sounds like your Thinkpad already has it's own license. You can use the Thinkpad license key and simply use your W7 "MAC-installation" DVD to provide the installation software; the software can be used multiple times as long as each device has a unique key.

But NO I don't recommend you install 32-bit. You have 8GB of RAM, if you install 32bit you instantly loose 4.7 GB. Now you only have 3.3 GB to work with.

Better you try a virtual environment. If they are DOS-based then consider something like D-Fend Reloaded to see if you can get them to run (it was mainly developed to play old games but it should work for most any DOS app if you set it up properly for your App). See How-to-Geek article HERE.

I definitely suggest you try that before something so drastic as a 32-bit reinstall.
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